High quality foot care products play an integral role in not only keeping your feet looking good, but also for optimal performance and comfort.

Click on the links below to see our range of high quality foot care products. These are available to purchase online and are delivered to your door overnight, anywhere in New Zealand.

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Fusskraft Bamboo Scrub 150ml - $53.10
For rough, dry skin of legs and feet

A pleasant, easy to use exfoliating product, Gehwol's new Bamboo Scrub has been formulated to smooth the skin of the legs and feet. It is ideal for dry and rough skin, and may be used once a week in the shower. The unique product composition allows an initial coarser exfoliation, thanks to the sugar and bamboo, which reduces to a gentle action as the sugar dissolves. Green pearls of Jojoba wax enhance the exfoliating action as they soften and protect the surface of the fresh newly exposed skin cells. Exfoliate with care on fragile skin and always use with dampened fingers or skin when applying Bamboo Scrub.
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Fusskraft Herbal Bath 400g - $49
For all skin conditions, including dry and sweaty

A concentrated footbath, this specialist product tackles the most difficult hardened, cracked and toughened skin problems. In addition to its direct effect on dry skin, the Herbal Bath also helps intensively clean and deodorise feet prone to foot perspiration and foot odour.

Used regularly and as part of any Gehwol homecare program, Herbal Bath assists the action of the Gehwol creams applied after, therefore enhancing the results sought for problem skin conditions.

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Fusskraft Mint 75ml - $34
For aching hot and tired Feet

Peppermint oil and menthol combine to release an instant sensation of icy cool freshness to the skin upon application, immediately helping aching, tired and hot feet feel relieved and revitalised. Lavender, Rosemary and Pine help protect against discomfort caused by itching and provide the caring maintenance aspect of this product. Mint Cream creates an illusion of lightness to the feet when applied and is particularly popular with people whose feet ache or feel tired and heavy at the end of the day.

Great to take on holiday to relieve the feet after long periods of standing, walking and exercise.

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Fusskraft Blue 75ml - $34
For daily maintenance and care of skin tending dry

Blue Cream helps support the balance of moisture in the feet to help prevent dry, rough skin. Regular use of Gehwol Blue helps restore suppleness and elasticity to the skin, thanks to the lanolin content.

Daily use helps the feet feel more comfortable and fresh, especially when wearing closed shoes. A hint of camphor leaves a pleasant fragrance, renewed freshness and offers some relief to tired feet.

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Fusskraft Green 75ml - $34
For sweaty, humid feet or those prone to foot odour as a preventative

With the formidable "Deo Zinc" based formula, Gehwol Green Cream is now even more effective in the care of the humid, moist foot, helping control and reduce excessive foot perspiration.

Green Cream is readily absorbed into the skin and provides daily care to help prevent the skin drying out. It is fresh and invigorating on the skin and may also help alleviate itching sometimes associated with moist foot conditions.

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Gehwol Med® Lipidro Cream 75ml - $35
For dry, very dry and sensitive skin

A daily treatment for dry and very dry skin regain vital moisture and oil balance to help improve the skin's condition and appearance where dry, flakey, rough skin is evident. The Urea, Seabuckthorn extract and Avocado oil give Lipidro cream its distinct rich texture and natural colour. Together they combine to target dryness and help the skin regain and maintain a balance of oil and water for improved skin function and greater comfort.

The moisturising ingredients provide instant comfort to dry skin and daily use of this product can help produce noticeably softer and smoother skin within a relatively short period of time. In addition, the Algae extract helps discourage further moisture loss and the Allantoin helps promote skin regeneration, improving the overall appearance and elasticity of the skin. Highly recommended for use with Gehwol Herbal Bath for intensive skin care and with Cracked Skin Salve if callus and hard skin problems also present.

Highly recommended for diabetics. Does not contain fragrance or known skin allergens and is ideal for sensitive and fragile skins.

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Gehwol Med® Salve 75ml - $35
For rough, callused, thickened and cracked skin problems

A wonderful and highly effective formula for the treatment of dry and very dry skin that has become thickened, possibly cracked and inevitably callused. Combined with essential oils, Panthenol and Bisabolol, Cracked Skin Salve may with regular use, effectively soften hardened skin to not only improve the appearance and condition, but also the comfort of the skin.

A key product in the range, Gehwol Cracked Skin Salve is impressive both in formula and more importantly in the results it achieves for all users.

Do not apply to raw skin. Allow healing first, and for best results use in conjunction with a weekly foot soak in Gehwol's Herbal Bath for stubborn recurrent dry and callus skin problems. Always use Cracked Skin Salve at night to prevent slipping on feet or in shoes and if desired, apply thickly onto skin, then wear a cotton sock to create a mask effect for an intensive overnight treatment.

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What if treating Plantar Fasciitis, foot pain and swelling was as simple as wearing a soft foot compression sleeves that you can wear under your socks? FS6 incorporates a compression zone technology designed to treat plantar fasciitis pain and deliver increased blood flow to damaged tissue.

FS6 uses Patent Pending Compression Zones to lift the Plantar Fascia (under-foot support structure) and move excess fluids and blood out of the foot and heel to reduce swelling and pain. FS6 keeps the Plantar Fascia ligaments gently stretched while increasing blood flow to damaged tissues in the foot and heel, resulting in less pain and inflammation.

FS6 Compression sleeve - $36 single

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FS6 Compression sleeve - $58 a pair
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Digital Cap - $28.00
A gel-lined cap, which offers protection against injury to the surface of the toe, especially the nail area. Ideal protection for amputees, nerve ending damage, and ingrown nails, as it is soft and smooth to the touch, alleviating pain immediately. Two sizes; size 1 for the 3rd, 4th and 5th toes, size 2 for the 1st (big) and 2nd toes. 2 per pack.

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Pure Gel Digital Cap - $18.00
A pure Gel Polymer Tribloc cap, which offers protection against injury to the surface of the toe, especially the nail area. Ideal protection for amputees, nerve ending damage, and ingrown nails, as it is soft and smooth to the touch, alleviating pain immediately. Two sizes; size 1 for the 3rd, 4th and 5th toes, size 2 for the 1st (big) and 2nd toes. 2 per pack.
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Slim Line Gel Bunion Protector - $12.00
An elasticised fabric bunion protector covered on the inside with approximately 2mm thickness of gel. Its small size and special design allows it to fit perfectly into a shoe, helping to give immediate relief by constantly massaging the fleshy parts of the foot and joints. The mineral oil contained in the gel hydrates the skin and helps breakdown calluses. One Size, One per pack.
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Gel Toe Separator - $12.00
Half moon (kidney) shaped pure gel toe separators, specially designed to reduce pain caused by friction between the toes. The mineral oil content reduces the risk of calluses forming. Sizes Small, medium and large. 2 per pack.
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Gel Toe Spreader - $14.00
Separates the 1st big and second toes, holding overlapping toes in their correct position. Suitable for post-operative Hallux Valgus (bunion) patients, it protects against chaffing between the toes. Sizes Small, Large. 2 per pack.
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Sweet Feet Cushion for ball of foot - $14.00
Deramed Sweet Feet Met Protector is ideal for the high heeled sandal wearing patient who needs metatarsal cushioning. Now with glue on one side to prohibit rolling effect. Can be washed and re-used, transferable between shoes. One size.
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  Tuli's are the only foot care products that combines shock absorbing materials with a patented shock absorbing 'waffle' design. Tuli's foot care products have been scientifically and medically designed to duplicate nature's own shock absorbing system.
Tuli's Classic Heel Cups - $48.00 pair
Tuli's Double-Ribbed Classic Heel Cups provide 50% more protection than the pervious model and provides relief from the everyday pain of heel strike. Worn in shoes, Tuli's Classic Heel Cups will help prevent sore heels and knees, shin splints and heel spurs. They will also relieve arch, ankle, leg and back pain that results from everyday heel strike. Size Options - Regular, Large.
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Tuli's Heavy Duty Heel Cups - $48.00 pair
Tuli's Double-Ribbed Heavy Duty Heel Cups are the most advanced shock absorbing heel cups available today. The primary force of the heel strike is absorbed by the larger and higher waffle pattern while the lower and denser waffle pattern absorbs the "high pressure" and final force spike of heel strike. Perfect for sports activities. Size Options- Small, Regular, Large
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Tuli's Gel Heel Cups - $48.00 pair
Absorb shock and reduce heel pressure with these innovative gel heel cups. Just slip them into your shoes to ease discomfort from walking, running or standing and related arch, ankle, leg and back pain. These patented cushions feature a waffle design that compresses and rebounds with every step. The comfortable cushions feature all of the benefits of our original Tuli's Heel Cups PLUS they are formulated with TuliGel polymer-an innovative solid-gel material that is soft and light, yet very resilient. Size Options - Regular, Large
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Bailey nail clipper and file for home nail care - $54
A basic steel nail clipper and double sided (medium/fine grained) disposable emery board nail file for private home nail care. The 13cm curve bladed clipper fits comfortably in the hand and has rubber shock absorbing handles and an easy action box joint for increased ease of use. The steel blades are super sharp for the toughest nails. The nail file is suitable for smoothing the cut edges of the nail. Arrives in sterile packaging.
Please note: We take no responsibility for incorrect use or any adverse event from the use of this product. If in doubt, consult with a podiatrist for professional care.
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Advanced material technology discreetly incorporated into specially designed underwear to deliver comfortable, cutting edge hip protection.

At the moment of impact, the material will instantly harden and absorb the force of impact, forming a protective shield exactly where and when you need it.

Visit for more information and to buy.

Donjoy Strapping Elastic Ankle Brace

Ideal application:
Ankle suffering from general recurrent swelling after injury
Mild ankle and foot osteoarthritis
Preventative use to enhance ankle control in sports
Acute and chronic ankle instability

Note: measure around the ankle circumference to get the size:
19-20cm = Size 1/XS
21-22cm = Size 2/S
23-24cm = Size 3/M
25-26cm = Size 4/L
27-28cm = Size 5/XL

Features and benefits:
Compressive, anatomically knitted and multidirectional elastic ankle sleeve
Additional elastic strap for added compression and support
Latex free
Fits right or left ankle.

Price: $69/Single

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Dr Comfort shape to fit compression wear for women

Support no longer means a heavy, surgical garment. Classic ultra- sheer hose with our signature non-binding support band and proprietary soft-seam construction provides ultimate  comfort and style. It has fashion sheerness and colour as well as durability. These are perfect for those travelling on long haul flights or just needing a relatively light level of compression. Knee high.

Level of compression: 10-15mm Hg
Price: $48/Pair


  Ankle circumference Calf Circumference Womens US shoe size
Size S/2 18-21cm 28-38cm 5-7
Size M/3 21-25cm 30-42cm 7.5-9.5
Size L/4 25-29cm 32-46cm 10-12
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Men's Compression Merino wool dress socks

Warm, all natural Merino wool socks with superior colour fastness and seamless toe construction. Level of compression 10-15mm Hg

Colour: Charcoal
Sizes: Men's S to L
Measurement to be taken by narrowest part of the ankle circumference and the widest part of the calf circumference. Use the shoe size to confirm if these measurements do not match.

  Ankle Circumference Calf circumference Men's US Shoe size
Size S/2 18-21cm 28-38cm 6-7.5
Size M/3 21-25cm 30-42cm 8-10
Size L/4 25-29cm 32-46cm 10.5-12.5

Price $48/Pair

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Limb Protectors

Hardy & Grace Limb Protectors are soft, light and comfortable, easy to wear and offer a protective layer for fragile skin to help prevent skin tears.

Premium quality Supima® cotton offers advantages over normal cotton in softness and strength.

The fibre length of Supima® is 35% longer than regular cottons. This increases softness and luster and minimizes the effects of abrasion with less pilling.

Supima® is up to 45% stronger than regular cottons. This makes Supima® products resilient and incredibly durable, without compromising comfort.

Available in 3 sizes to suit both forearms and lower legs.

Size Circumference at widest part
Small 20-26cm
Medium 26-30cm
Large 30-40cm

Composition: 53% Supima cotton, 43% nylon, 4% elastane

Price $19.00 per pair

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