Children's Feet

Children's feet are not simply smaller versions of adult feet! There are unique developmental stages and patterns associated with children's feet. A podiatrist can assess, monitor and make recommendations on whether normal developmental milestones are being met.

The appearance of certain conditions may cause concern for parents, such as flat feet, knock knees and in-toeing. We will assess your child's gait and musculoskeletal system and can advise if treatment is necessary.

There is currently a bewildering array of footwear options for children on the market. Our podiatrists can provide assistance in evaluating the appropriate footwear requirements for your child, depending on their age and individual needs, including casual, sports and school footwear.

If your child is actively participating in sport, there are greater risks of injury if a mechanical imbalance exists in the feet or legs. Excessive movements and positions of the feet can be improved with the use of orthotics that encourage normal development and foot function.

Gordon’s interest in paediatric foot care has led to his involvement in the Long-term Athletic Development (LTAD) Programme at the Millennium Institute of Sport & Health.